Hello everyone. I’m dottbass. I gladly welcome you to this website and I can guarantee you that you’re in for an unbelievably profitable time. You made the right decision, clicking on that register button.

What really is dottbassmedia about! Well I’ll tell you.

This website, dottbassmedia.com is created to bring seasons of experience to individuals and companies alike, in the fields of graphics and design, indie filmmaking and business development.

Consider this a guide-by-the-hand approach to folks who are starting off businesses and who want to be hands on in creating their own audio-visual materials, documents, design templates and corporate presentations. If you want to become an indie filmmaker or a graphics designer, trust me, you will benefit immensely from resource materials you will find on this website.

I am not doing this alone. I have with me, eager facilitators and instructors who are practising professionals and cannot wait to share their wealth of experience with you, to get you up to speed in no time.

Our approach is going to be easy and steady and I’m convinced that you’ll get a good hang of whatever it is you desire to learn quickly.

I believe you can do this and you should believe it too. Why? Just because you can.

Once again, welcome to dottbassmedia.